Finding a non-executive director job in the Channel Islands

How to find a non-executive director job in the Channel Islands

Finding a non-executive director position in Jersey, Guernsey, and other offshore jurisdictions

If you are trying to find a non-executive director job in the Channel Islands you may need a different approach.

In the UK there are plenty of options. You might contact a recruitment consultant, search online, or join an organisation that specialises in NED roles.

In the Channel Islands, and other offshore jurisdictions, finding a non-executive director job isn’t quite so simple. Sometimes the word-of-mouth network, makes recruitment seem like a matter of luck, for candidates and boards alike.

When time is your most precious commodity, you need a more efficient approach.

How can Club NED help

Club NED helps non-executive directors find interesting roles quickly and easily.  When you register with Club NED you are not just joining a club, you are becoming part of an organisation connecting non-executive directors and boards.

Membership is selective so that Club NED can focus on quality candidates for quality roles. The selection panel reviews CVs and resumés and can match members to roles that really are suitable for them. This speeds up the process both for candidates and boards.

Shelley Kendrick, Founder, Club NED, said: “As the main point of reference for offshore NED roles we bring everything together. Club NED makes recruiting a non-executive director, or finding a non-executive director job a lot easier.”

How to find your first non-executive director job in the Channel Islands

Everyone starts somewhere. It might be decades since you left university or school and started your first job. However, if you think back to that time, you may wonder what approach you would take if you had to do it all over again.

Organisations are always looking for fresh talent with the skills to complement their board. This creates opportunities for people with experience at a senior level in different industries looking for their first non-executive role.

Some boards may be with companies, others could be unpaid roles in the not-for-profit sector.

Club NED helps new NEDs develop their networks though networking events for members. It can put you in touch with organisations seeking new talent and help you prepare for your first NED position.

Shelley said: “Taking on a non-executive role is a big commitment but the right role can be a huge opportunity. For people at the right point in their careers, a NED role can transform their potential as leaders. It can widen your skills and contacts helping you go further in your executive role and in your career.”

Becoming a professional non-executive director

Many non-executive directors start out sitting on a board alongside an executive role in another sector. Clearly there must be no overlap between roles to ensure a non-executive director maintains their independence.

As you develop your experience in the NED sector, you may join other boards, building up your portfolio of roles. Eventually, you reach a point where you must decide if you have the time or desire to continue an executive position.

Non-executive directors may sit on a number of boards, however, the UK Corporate Governance Code outlines the importance of balancing your commitments. It states: “It is vital that non-executive directors have sufficient time available to discharge their responsibilities effectively. The time commitment to engage with shareholders and other key stakeholders and get to know the business can be considerable. It is advisable for non-executive directors to assess the demands of their portfolios and other commitments carefully before accepting new appointments.”

Working as a non-executive director in the Channel Islands

The Channel Islands and other offshore jurisdictions offer huge opportunities for non-executive directors. Key areas include finance and technology, alongside utilities, the public sector, and the voluntary sector.

Unfortunately, due to the closed talent pool in Jersey and Guernsey, boards face additional challenges ensuring the independence of non-executive directors.

It is therefore important NEDs expand their remit to new sectors so they do not compromise impartiality by taking too large a proportion of their income from one employer. For example, if a non-executive director sits primarily on public sector boards.

Shelley said: “Recruiting non-executive directors for offshore boards involves different challenges to recruiting for boards in the UK. A candidate might seem a natural fit, however, a board could rule them out because they are too involved in the sector. Club NED helps boards avoid these problems by opening up the talent pool. This introduces new faces to give boards the dynamism they need to transform and strengthen their organisations for the challenges ahead.”

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