Risks for NEDs under the Jersey Civil Penalties Regime

Non-executive directors (NEDs) face significant risks under the Jersey Civil Penalties Regime. At a recent webinar, Club NED and Board Intelligence examined how NEDs can manage these risks and drive effective governance on an offshore Board Personal fines are coming, so get your board in order.  That was the message to NEDs in the wake […]

The 21st Century NED and what they offer your board

A boardroom with 21st century NEDs. A diverse and inclusive offshore board.

If boards reflect the world today, the 21st century NED is a fusion of corporate past, present, and future. Mark Hucker explains. “This entity is a bit complex for us – you’re the experts, can we approve these documents?” I heard these words when I was an Executive Director approximately 16 years ago.  The NED […]

How to find a non-executive director job in the Channel Islands

Finding a non-executive director job in the Channel Islands

Finding a non-executive director position in Jersey, Guernsey, and other offshore jurisdictions If you are trying to find a non-executive director job in the Channel Islands you may need a different approach. In the UK there are plenty of options. You might contact a recruitment consultant, search online, or join an organisation that specialises in […]

What is a non-executive director?

How much work does a non-executive director role involve?

Understanding the differences between non-executive directors and company directors for offshore boards Look in any dictionary and you will find several meanings of the word ‘director’.  It may refer to the person who leads an organisation or a department. It may refer to a member of a board. Or it may even be used to […]

Offshore non-executive director pay. What do non-executive directors earn?

What do non executive directors earn

An explanation of offshore non-executive director pay Just as salaries vary greatly across and within professions, there are vast differences in offshore non-executive director pay. Some organisations in offshore jurisdictions pay non-executive directors more than many executive directors. However, other roles are unpaid. You’re most likely to find roles which do not include a salary […]